Education and Community

A variety of activities for the entire community: The Kabri Joint Gallery places emphasis on introducing many audiences to the world of art. In order to intermediate between art and the community, it has created tours of the Gallery which include down-to-earth conversations, explanations, discussions and more. The Gallery attributes great importance to bilingual encounters between the Jewish and Arab communities. The activities include hands-on experience in the art process, which takes place in the beautiful surroundings of Kibbutz Kabri, opposite the Galilee landscape – conditional of course on the weather. The Gallery provides tours to groups from all over the country and coordinates with art centers near Kabri: Atelier Shemi, the Gottesman Etching Center and also galleries and art centers in the region. Children: Our belief is based on the importance of exposure to a visual language at a young age, which can contribute to the improvement of the discourse, thinking and understanding that surround art. The guided tours are tailored to a young audience, according to the subjects taught in preschool and based on the revolving exhibitions. Guided tours can be arranged in Hebrew or Arabic and they can include an art workshop. Schools: The tours are age-oriented and are tailored specifically to each group, based on the revolving exhibitions. Exposure to art in elementary school, in middle school and in high school contributes to improving the discourse in society, to the development of critical thinking and to the expansion of one’s horizons. A visit to the Gallery can include a workshop related to the current exhibition. The Gallery encourages encounters between the Jewish and Arab communities and workshops in the open air. Students matriculating in art visit the Kabri Joint Gallery and are exposed to the art creation process, to curational thinking and to personal encounters with the artists. The guided tours are also appropriate for groups with special needs.