Kabri Gallery a joint Jewish-Arab art gallery in the Galilee

The Kabri Gallery is a joint Jewish-Arab art gallery in the Galilee. It was created in 1977 on Kibbutz Kabri and in 2012 it became a joint gallery. The Gallery presents Palestinian, Israeli and international art and seeks to bring communities together, with emphasis on encounter between Jews and Arabs. The Gallery seeks to educate about art and serves as a platform for high-quality plastic art in the Periphery. The core of the Gallery’s staff are Jewish and Arab artists who work together to realize the Gallery’s vision: Saher Miari, Amira Zian, Shlomi Hagai, Ashraf Fuahri, Noam Ventura, Adi Ben Horin, Dubi Harel, Drora Dekel, Miki Tsadik, Josyane Vanounou, Yael Canaani, Ziv Sher, Doaa Bsis and Faiza Hadad. The Gallery promotes new projects and supports the work of Israeli artists. As a result of its small size and its distance from the center of the art world in and around Tel Aviv, the Kabri Gallery serves as a “laboratory” for both young artists and recognized artists, for the creation of new directions in their artwork and for their exposure to the local audience. The Gallery is located in the “Tunnel” building of Kibbutz Kabri, a place teaming with life and enjoying a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean and the fields and orchards of the Western Galilee. The Gallery is supported by the Culture Authority of the Ministry of Culture and Sport and by Kibbutz Kabri. The Gallery was managed by Drora Dekel from 1992 to 2017 and by Avshalom Suleiman from 2018 to 2021. It is currently managed and curated by Tamar Horowitz Livne.

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