Adi Ben Horin

Adi Ben Horin is an artist and a chef. She completed a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in Art. Starting from the late 1990s, his work has been displayed in various locations in Israel and abroad. The art that he produces is political. In his diversified portfolio, he presents parallel narratives and passages from trauma to exaltation. His work cuts across geographic and cultural boundaries and is presented and constructed for various locations, such as China, Italy, France, Germany and Israel. An example is his video creation, “Baram Beyiram”, in which he focuses on the land of the kibbutz where he lives and on its political history. Ben Horin creates in a variety of media: video, photography, painting and sculpture. The medium is selected to serve the idea. His ideas are permeated with creativity. A joke leads him to an investigation. In his work, he combines his other loves: diving and cooking. Food, historical writing, technology, industry and the sea are for him tools and environments that shine light on social issues. His creations take many directions and are in search of freedom. This is art and within it is the aspiration for peace.

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