Amira Zian

Amira Zian was born in 1977 and lives in Kfar Yarka. She has a BA and an MA in Art from Haifa University. Her works appear in many exhibitions in Israel and other countries and also in various collections. She has received numerous awards for them. She has been written about extensively and reviews of her work have appeared in leading newspapers and other media. Zian focuses primarily on directed photography, with an emphasis on portraits, the creation of portraits through the placement of objects and the creation of environments in which the figures are absent. In her photography, she often documents women in contemporary Druze society. Zian’s work focuses on subjects related to social-cultural identity in Druse society and the gender-feminine issue in the reality that surrounds her.

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  • Hiba Photography 100 100cm 2017
  • Jamila photography 50 70cm 2017
  • Katrin-Photography-110-180cm-2017-2-scaled
  • Samira-Photography-100-100cm-2017
  • Seven-Sisters-Photography-200-100cm-2019-
  • Untitled-Photography-120-120cm-2021