Ashraf Fuahri

Ashraf Fuahri was born in Kfar Mizra’a in 1974 and currently lives and creates in Haifa. He is a Palestinian artist and designer with a studio for graphic design and branding. He is also a lecturer in design at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. His works are displayed in a number of locations in Israel, the Palestinian Authority and other countries. For many years, the image of a donkey has appeared in Fuahri’s work. He maintains a stubborn dialogue with his donkey. But this is not any particular donkey but rather a schematic one which has become an image in Fuahri’s personal portrait. The donkey appears in innumerable situations: ironic, funny, political, painful, critical. Fuahri feels a moral obligation to be involved in art, as a declaration of his brave stance in the face of the complicated reality of this land. In his unique way, Fuahri plays with charged images; he uses ironic humor, multifaceted language, esthetic configurative temptation and easygoing—and sometimes seductive—vividness. At the same time, Fuahri is teaching us a lesson in the existence of the “other” – namely the Arab other who does not discard his opinions or his art in the space of coexistence. Fuahri’s donkey is the shadow of a donkey: superficial; a negative image; not showing emotion; unchanging in his movements. He is above time, iconic, universal. Fuahri puts the image of the donkey in almost all of his paintings, photographs, embroideries and any object he creates. He works in a variety of media: prints, painting, sculpture, performance art, video, embroidery and more.

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