Drora Dekel

Drora Dekel lives and creates on Kibbutz Kabri. She curated and managed the Kabri Gallery for 25 years (1993–2018). She is a multidisciplinary curator, lecturer and artist: a photographer, painter, sculptor, creator of collages, objects and video art. Dekel also writes poetry, prose and articles on art and artists. Dekel’s images are an attempt to combine her private work with general epos and myths. Overall, her creations map autobiographical material and deal with black holes in her biography. She injects the autobiographical material and creates a material and esthetic interpretation. Her work is multilayered. For more than a decade, she has used them to create a dialogue with representations of evil and with fascist texts, on the one hand, but she has not given up a humane and compassionate outlook, on the other hand. Her early work is characterized by naïve or expressive drawing combined with embroidery, cloth, retouched photographs, objects, prints and cutouts. The merging of materials usually occurs within the domain of paper, both on it and between its layers. It is as if the paper includes the memory of all the things imprinted and assimilated within it in childhood, in order to create art whose beauty is highly disturbing. At first glance, her works appear seductive in their gentleness and fragility; however, they invade and merge one with the other with intensity and reveal an uncompromising coping process

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  • 3אגרופים_2014דיו_וקולאז__50על40סמ
  • דיפטיכון_מגזרות_נייר_על_רקע_דפים_מודפסים.20על40_סמ2020
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  • מסדרת צלבי הקרס שכפול רגליי ליצירת פטרן 2010
  • מתוך הסדרה ההיטלרים שלי היטלר וגוזל עורב בתערוכה החמור והעורב רקמה בחוטי רקמה על צילום ומסגרת זהב.דיסלדורף2015.
  • קיר ותקרה בתערוכה סבתא בשלה דייסה 2014