Faiza Hadad

Faiza Hadad was born in 1991 and lives in Kfar Mizra’a. She recently completed her studies to become an art teacher at Oranim College. Hadad investigates the boundary between freedom and the maybe and certainty, between politics and reason. She firmly rejects social and political norms that limit or reduce it on the individual level and sometimes uses them sarcastically in a place-dependent material stance, based on the idea that power drives action. Hadad’s works relate to subjects that are historical-political, collective and cultural. In 2018, Hadad began working with hard materials, such as plastic, gravel, clay and wood and her works became “installation“ art. They were influenced by her multicultural and multi-valued surroundings. Her installation art is critical of society and its existing biases, stigmas and stereotypes, based on translating the political environment into sculpture. Her sculptures try to challenge the observer and to reach depths and levels that are beyond what is visible to the eye and audible to the ear. This makes it possible for the observer to enter her world and her artistic soul. Hadad moves forward toward the light; she is searching and discovering. She arrives at an understanding that art can be used to shape oneself and one’s environment each time anew and to adopt an identity based on solidarity and mutual respect. She has also understood that it has the power to create a new nature that is suited to the period in which we live and the circumstances around us.

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