Gabriella Willenz

Gabriella Willenz is a graduate of Film Studies and has a Master’s Degree in Art. Her work is exhibited in numerous exhibitions in Israel and abroad and she has won many prizes and grants. Willenz creates in photography, in video and in installation art and focuses on the tension between the building of reality and its representation as natural and neutral. By way of her work, Willenz critically investigates how knowledge is created, while delving into the mechanisms and practices that influence the way in which we learn about the world around us. Gabriella Willenz seeks out hidden manifestations of ideology as they are expressed in social, religious and political structures and creates uncomfortable or absurd mixtures and recreations. Willenz has a background in theater and she often includes theatrical elements in her work, such as stories, props, actions and characters, and with their help illustrates the executive lines of public and private institutions and the dynamic between belonging and otherness. Gabriella Willenz looks for alternative viewpoints though which one can see and think about the alienation and violence that we take for granted, with the goal of widening the possibilities of our identification.

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