Micki Tsadik

Mikki Tsadik was born in Jerusalem in 1960. She has been teaching art for many years and since the early 2000s she has displayed her work in a variety of exhibitions. Tsadik’s work is arranged on the vertical and horizontal axes: the axes of life and death, the horizontal horizon line and the axis of the spine, our vertical gear against the law of gravity; and in the horizontal direction, the line separating the visible and the revealed on the one hand and the hidden and concealing depths, on the other. Paper allows for action on these two axes: expansion and absorption. The fragile paper takes in materials and immortalizes footprints of actions. Tsadik creates encounters between materials: ink and oil, ink and acetone, pen and water. Precise drawing is goal-focused and creates an antithesis of unrestrained spots. Paper is the workspace for a chemical encounter, for physical motion, for mathematical symmetry. Tsadik notches, engraves, marks, spreads and distributes. She creates on the paper’s two axes – she conceals and reveals The print is an anchor, but by means of paint spots she violates the visual confidence that she is creating.

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  • 21X30- horizontal
  • רישום-דיו-אציטון-עיפרון-וטיפקס