Saher Miari

Saher Miari was born in 1974 and resides in Kfar Makr. He completed a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in Art. He teaches art, initiates artistic projects in Arab towns in the North and creates art. Miari’s works touch on topics that interest him as an “artist builder”. The most dominant among them is “the home and construction”. His works reflect the complex identity of Palestinian Arab society in the State of Israel and also his personal identity as an individual relative to place. Miari was a construction worker in the past and this background strengthened and reinforced the subject of the home, and in particular construction workers, in his works. Most of his works are performance art and in them he exposes certain processes in construction. In the processes that he exposes, Miari tries to connect topics that are important to him and thus to expose those topics among the wider public. The topics that he focuses on include: construction and destruction, dismantling and assembly, wandering and immigration, inside and outside and difficult working conditions – “physical labor“. The work of construction workers (almost all of whom are Arabs), which is ironically known as “Arab work”, is defined by him as the “compulsory army service for young Arabs in the State of Israel.” Furthermore, Miari uses almost every possible medium in order to express his worldview, based on the desire to change and to build a new reality that is reliable and stable. He does this by means of his work which is characterized by criticism of the local reality. Underlying his work are conceptual statements with abstract thinking, which sharpens the idea and the message.

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