Yael Canaani

Yael Canaani was born in 1947. She resides and creates on Kibbutz Kabri. She studied movement, movement notation and composition at the Seminar Hakibbutzim and at Tel Aviv University. In 1974, she began teaching these subjects in a variety of frameworks, and also created the Rishumim Workgroup in Movement. In addition, Canaani is the founder of the Rokdot movement research group and in 2020 she established the Single Minute Space, an international forum for movement in the public space. Simultaneous with her work in dance, Canaani is involved in painting and drawing as an expansionary and supplementary art activity. The drawing gesture is at the heart of Canaani’s practicum. She is always stretching the boundaries between the various media and often collaborates with other artists in the areas of dance and music, with the goal of investigating potential domains for drawing-activity.

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