Ziv Sher

Ziv Sher was born in1962 and resides in Atzmon. He has an MA in Art and Education and is involved in education, teaching photography and group moderation. Since the mid-1990s, his works have been displayed in various locations in Israel and abroad. From a very young age, Sher was curious about photography – its mystery and the possibility of wonder in the reality that goes by us. He began taking photographs at the age of 11 and was enthused about the activity itself, the process and the revelation of the picture in the dark room. In his works, Sher investigates the photographic perspective – to where is it directed, what does it see and how does it become a new image that exists and emerges in the here and now. For him, photography is “action photography” – he believes that the core of the process is action, like working with material, with a type of consciousness that creates a new physical presence in reality; it reveals and conceals and then reveals again, all simultaneously. According to Sher, photography is a tool for the ongoing collection of perspectives in our day-to-day reality, in the search for the tension that is created between what occurs at the moment a photograph is taken and the new image that is now present.

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